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Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

Essay on Armed Education: Should Teachers Carry Concealed.

Well, research has shown that personal opinion can be grouped by age, gender and race, but some of this research does not show through in the highly debated topic, should teachers carry guns during school hours. Age Groups One of the ways people’s opinions can be grouped together is by age.

Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

Commentary: Should teachers be armed? No: Guns don't.

Protecting Our Future The debate of whether or not teachers should be allowed to carry guns in school is very heated and continues to dilemma the minds of many. However, both the supportive and opposing parties have good grounds that can be used to choose.

Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

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Armed teachers might help to save lives, but the action of carrying a gun could place them at risk for harm from multiple sources. There are trained and professional police officers over the years who have incorrectly identified innocent people carrying a firearm as their perpetrator, with some even firing on the individual.


Kenneth S. Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services, declared, “School districts considering arming teachers and school staff with guns would take on significant responsibility and potential liabilities that I firmly believe are beyond the expertise, knowledge-base, experience, and professional capabilities of most school boards and administrators.”.

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Teachers should be armed for the children’s safety because it would make intruders think twice before entering the school.

Arming Teachers Introduces New Risks Into Schools.

The second advantage is if teachers have guns and the public knows about it. It’s a good thing because that would alert anyone coming into our schools armed with a gun. The last advantages is for protection and it would make the students and parents feel a lot more safe!

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The notion of a highly trained teacher armed with a gun is a myth. Law enforcement officers receive an average of 840 hours of basic training including 168 hours of training on weapons, self-defense, and the use of force. 7 In states that have laws aimed at arming school personnel, school staff receive significantly less training.


But others have said that there should actually be more guns in school: in the hands of teachers and staff, ready to defend the children they look after. The President has appeared to throw himself.

Gun control is a very controversial issue, especially when it comes to the subject of guns in schools. Many people believe that allowing teachers or anyone over the age of 21 to carry a gun onto a college campus is perfectly reasonable. They believe that it allows for protection of oneself and self-defense of others. Other people believe that guns should not be allowed in schools at all. They.


I strongly believe that teachers should carry guns, this is not to say that we should just hand them out to all teachers but if we had 2 or 3 trained and prepared adults watching over and protecting the students from themselves. 98.7% of school shootings world wide are committed by students, that leaves 1.3% caused by teachers, most of which with a war background and not control over those.

Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

Should teachers carry guns in classrooms? The arguments.

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Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

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The potentially arising differences of the psychological and mental conditions the teacher’s profession should not let them own a gun, even for protective reasons. In the, German Lopez demonstrates some persuasive arguments for preventing teachers from being armed. He refers to the fundamental issue of the massive gun possession in.

Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

Commentary: Should teachers be armed? Yes: Staff can keep.

Many teachers would quit if guns could be carried by teacher. Like I said teacher are become teacher for the kids not for the money. If they were in it for the money, they would choose a different career past. The teacher lover there students, and they would rather quit than have a gun on them to protect them. The teacher lover there students so much they would rather quit then being in more.

Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

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Synthesis Essay Should Teacher Carry Guns?. Although some believe that having armed teachers with intensive weapon training to protect students in schools is a good idea. However, there should not be a mandatory policy for every school to have teachers carrying guns because of possibly mentally ill teachers, the promotion of possessing guns for safety, and the discipline for safety in the.

Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

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Teachers should not be armed in schools because the could not handle a real situation, and the liability is too much of a risk. To elaborate, it is widely agreed that a student’s well-being is a teacher’s concern. For six to eight hours every day for 5 days a week, the life of the student is in the teacher’s hands. However, a teacher has never been expected to arm themself to protect a.

Should Teachers Be Armed With Guns Essay

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I’m A School Psychologist — And I Think Teachers Should Be Armed. February 22, 2018; by Michael W. Goldberg; Image by iStock. I’ve been a School Psychologist for the past 20 years. In the.